Saturday, February 20, 2010

Embedding Myself in My Body

The sun's gleaming yellow eye stared straight into my eyes this morning as it peeked over the rim of the Earth into a new day. My fingertips were brushed with golden light as they Push-Pulled their way through the TCC form. And quickly--too soon--the sun lifted into the sky.

This morning I feel incredible gratitude for the on-going gifts I receive from the TCC retreat I attended at the end of January. This time of joining with others in our practice and receiving refinements, suggestions, and questions from Sr. Antonio was just what I needed to refresh and renew my practice. It pulled me out of my doldrums and pushed me past the repetitive patterns I'd established in my regular practice into new possibilities ... new opportunities. In a sense, I suppose, my practice and I have been reborn.

I'm still fiddling with the intricacies of how to glide effortlessly through each movement pattern but there's a new layer of softness and relaxation, a deeper understanding of my body and how its movements affect what I feel and experience as I move.
But what is this transformation? The soul discovers its source of being in the Spirit, the mind is opened to this inner light, the will is energized by this inner power. The very substance of the soul is changed; it is made a 'partaker of the divine nature.' And this transformation affects not only the soul but also the body....
               From: The Mystic Vision, February 19 

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