Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Rich Stew

The Mystic Vision, February 28th:
As a bee seeks nectar from all kinds of flowers
Seek teachings everywhere.
Like a deer that finds a quiet place to graze
Seek seclusion to digest
all that you have gathered.
Like a mad one beyond all limits
go where you please and live like a lion
completely free of all fear.
          Dzogchen Tantra
I sent the above reading from The Mystic Vision to a friend who celebrates her birthday on this day. It fit her personality but it also fits the teachings of the Tao and is applicable to those of us who practice t'ai chi chih moving meditation.

When we remain open to our practice--and in our lives!--we constantly receive teachings. The Chi that circulates and flows as a result of this practice provides us with the opportunity to open our hearts and live out of love rather than fear. It's simply wonderful to imagine myself living like a lion or, even, "a mad one beyond all limits."

This evening I practiced TCC as rose-pink tinted the edges of the sky and bid the day farewell. The entire day burst with sunshine and--since tonight is full moon and the sky is clear--I expect that the entire night will burst with moonshine. Tonight I practiced my movements by direction, a method that Sr. Antonia says she sometimes employs to teach TCC. I began with side-to-side movements, then up and down, and finally forward/backward movements. What fun!

Though I've often paired similar movements together when teaching a class I've never combined all similar directional movements together in a full practice. I feel blessed to learn strategies and techniques from other TCC teachers, trainers, and guides. Our unique contributions and varied teaching approaches create a very rich stew indeed!

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