Thursday, February 25, 2010

One Body

A cold cloudy morning vanished into clear blue skies and sunshine. What a wonderful surprise!

This morning's t'ai chi chih class in Cornucopia passed quickly. Today we were back to our regular full practice; over the previous several weeks I'd cut our repetitions to six per movement in order to allow more time for refinements.

Several students came up to me after today's practice and commented on how much they like doing the nine repetitions. Without repeating each movement nine times, one said, the practice feels incomplete ... something is missing.

It is interesting to realize that we've created a groove, habit, or pattern that, when changed, feels slightly off, not right, or--even--broken. Our bodies are now connected to a rhythm that echoes through us after years of practicing with each other in this same room.

It is also affirming to hear from students that they appreciate and value the time we spend moving through the form. When we travel together through nine repetitions, the link is strong, the relaxation deep, the feeling of Oneness undeniable.

We have so few opportunities in life to be together with other people in silence. When we circulate the Chi as we move together, when we coordinate our movements to a shared pace and rhythm, and when we slow our Monkey Minds down, we unify into one body of Cosmic Consciousness.... It's a precious gift.

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