Monday, March 1, 2010

Would you like to swing on a star?

Tonight I practiced in front of my office window in complete darkness. What a wonderful opportunity to see myself moving.... I was dressed entirely in black and, by the end of my form, I realized that I resembled a mime. What was I communicating through my movements without words?

I remembered a TCC teacher who wrote an article in The Vital Force journal many years ago. She'd asked her young students to come up with playful names for the movements based on nature and the animals they'd been studying. A quick review of a few of the TCC movements in front of the window showed me several scenarios that might be intuited from the movements. I include a few possibilities here...

Rocking Motion:  "Would you like to swing on a star?"
Daughter on the Mountain Top:  "What is the sound of two hands almost clapping?"
Carry the Ball to the Side:  "This is how I look when I dance without a partner..."
Push/Pull:  "Go away.... No, come close...."
Pulling in the Energy:  "I think the world is this big around ... How about you?"
Light at the Top of the Head/Light at the Temples:  "I'm a Jack-in-the-Box."
Joyous Breath:  "Am I ever going to get this suitcase closed?"

It's fun to play, isn't it?

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