Tuesday, February 15, 2011

And so ... I keep practicing

Today I'm wearing a birchbark heart strung on a ribbon around my neck. Four kindergarten and first graders participating in an after school program held at the library yesterday made the hearts and presented one each to the other library assistant and me.

The kids are reading The Birchbark House by Louise Erdrich and this project nicely meshed the book with Valentine's Day. I hope that by wearing my handmade Valentine's gift today the kids will notice and realize that what they do makes a difference. Besides, I enjoy these heartfelt gifts. They're much more appealing than a purchased greeting. And ... the love (heart) can carry forward for at least one more day.

It's been warmer for several days now (30-40 degrees today) and the wind it is a'wailin'. During my morning T'ai Chi Chih practice I watched wind-whipped treetops swaying and dancing and stirring the Chi. When I moved through Light at the Top of the Head, I realized that our efforts--the trees and mine--were very similar. We were all mixing and drawing the heavenly chi down into our bodies.

I felt wonderfully peaceful during today's practice. If I receive no other benefit from my daily T'ai Chi Chih practices than renewed inner peace, it is well worth the half-hour investment per day. I want more of course. I wish to bring that inner peace and stillness into the world in a way that benefits others and adds to the healing energy and power that resides in the Universe. And so ... I keep on practicing.

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