Thursday, February 24, 2011


Oh, and did I mention that my partner, Frances, rode with two others to Madison to participate in protests at the state capitol over Gov. Scott Walker's attempt to strip workers of their collective bargaining power? She called me from inside the capitol building; I heard loud chanting and the general hubbub of democracy in action.

As most people know, Wisconsin Senate Democrats left the state to prevent the governor and Republican majority from pushing this bill through ASAP without adequate information and discussion. Meanwhile people from all fifty states and around the world are sending pizzas to feed protesters who are continuing to flock to Madison to stand up for workers' rights.

Here at home I'm dealing with my own set of challenges: arranging for the driveway to get sanded so that workers can deliver our propane, pump our holding tank, and fix our washer. And, of course, early this morning I was faced with the task of backing my car down the slippery slope of our drive in order to get to my TCC class. Reading and discussing Buddha's Brain with my students teaches me a tremendous amount about my mind, attitudes, beliefs, and anxiety levels.

This morning as the car slid back and forth down the driveway my nervous system was on high alert. While my heart pounded I reminded myself to breathe, relax, get out of the car, examine the situation, and keep myself positive and effective in my downward drift. Luckily that conscious choice to maintain a positive attitude was rewarded: I made it safely down the driveway. And ... I received a 'Yes' to my request for sanding; by the time I traveled home again I drove my car--worry-free--back up the drive.

Class T'ai Chi Chih practice was great: It seems as though I've reached a different level in which my practice feels softer and, often, effortless. It's a wonderful gift to enter into that special place of peace and rejuvenation with others who can sense the difference--both inside and out--that moving meditation brings to the day.

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