Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Chilly Chi

Today's 12 below temps eased slightly as sun rays flooded the woods. It's a sight for sore eyes (What does that even mean?) to look up into clear blue skies. I'm encouraged. Soon we'll see other colors as spring launches her full-on assault and diversifies the white-black-grey landscape.

Black-capped chickadees kept me company during my morning T'ai Chi Chih practice. They flitted from branch to branch and tree to tree on the north side of the house. I felt cold as I watched them through a window. If I was cool moving through my practice in a heated house, how must they feel?

Yes, I know they have feathers and down but they also need fuel. I wondered, Are there any black sunflower seeds left in the bird feeder? Turns out, there weren't. As soon as Frances added a new dose the chickadees flocked to the feeder and sang joyfully.

My health continues to improve. The concept of spending a day at work today doesn't feel as daunting as it did yesterday. Of course, my 35 minute TCC practice followed by seated meditation is a great way to prepare myself for the demands and expectations of a busy day. And ... the sunlight works wonders to brighten my mood and boost my energy.

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