Saturday, February 19, 2011

Light(s) in the Night

After a wonderful winter warm up we went back in the deep freeze last night with below zero temps. The big question of the weekend is this: Will we receive any of the growing accumulations of snow predicted with the winter storm heading this way or will it, as has been the case most of this winter, travel south of the Bayfield penninsula?

There were almost a dozen hungry grey squirrels swarming the bird feeder this morning and one lonely red squirrel. According to my Lake Superior Area Calendar and Backyard Almanac grey squirrels were mating on February 16 according to some astute observer during a previous year.

A full moon shone brightly last night and tonight is Book Across the Bay, an annual skiing and cross-country snowshoeing expedition across Chequamegon Bay from Ashland to Washburn. Participants cross the ice following a trail of hundreds of luminaries.

Saturdays are kitchen day. I spent the morning and afternoon cooking and washing dishes and look forward to a delicious homemade Wild Rice Soup for this evening's dinner.

My late afternoon TCC practice reminded me that my knee hurts and the arch of my right foot feels painful too. I looked out the window at fallen branches and sticks scattered around the west side of the house as the dog happily scurried this way and that on top of a hard crust of frozen snow.

It's been a productive day and, after relaxing through my practice, I'm glad to settle down for continuing relaxation throughout the evening.

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