Monday, February 28, 2011

Hustle & Flow

You can tell it's Monday. The quiet and peace of the weekend has succumbed to the hustle and flow of the work week. First, a truck drove into the yard with our new washer. Next, I squeezed a T'ai Chi Chih practice into the brief pocket of time that Frances and our visiting friend skied out into the woods.

Immediately after our friend left another truck drove in. Ahh. It was the person who rammed and destroyed our mailbox several weeks ago. He showed up to admit that he was the responsible party then asked Frances what he could do to fix it. Yes, people in this area often do accept responsibility for their actions, sometimes through the encouragement of family members or others (this is the second time we've lost our mailbox and the errant driver arrived days later to apologize).

I practiced my morning T'ai Chi Chih in the sun-filled porch. I chose a sunny spot while Namaste slept in one sunbeam and Chiripa in another. A few times during my practice I felt the cat's paw as she stretched and reached out toward my foot. It felt wonderfully comforting to have my animal friends near at hand.

The sky is clear, the air is blue, and all is right with the world. Next I'm off to the library. Hustle and bustle, here I come!

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