Monday, February 14, 2011

New Beignnings

An early morning email informed me that I am, indeed, teaching two new classes of T'ai Chi Chih this week despite the fact that my registration numbers are down. And so, the preparations begin.

It has been some time since I last taught a beginning T'ai Chi Chih class. First, I must get my head in a place to think through this new beginning. I constantly revise my introduction for beginners because I want each session to reflect where I am in my life and what new discoveries I've made since I last taught. For me, that's a key element to ensure that each class stays fresh and alive.

Lately I've focused much of my own practice on being instead of doing. I'm sure that I'll discuss that concept with these fledgling TCC players.

Again, today I dwelt in my practice. I became one with the movements and let them move me instead of vice versa. The sun pierced through clouds--briefly--several times while I moved. I felt an instant joy upon experiencing the light. For a moment only I could see the V-shaped line of the house roof cast in shadow upon the snow white ground. Then the sunlight retreated and I continued my practice under a dusky grey sky.

New beginnings. Even though I wonder sometimes whether I should continue teaching T'ai Chi Chih I'm grateful for the opportunity whenever it presents itself....

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