Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Is the glass half full or...?

Tonight, at the end of a very long day, I discovered that I couldn't make it up our driveway. It was almost pure ice earlier in the day. Then a light layer of snow fell this evening and made it absolutely undriveable (even with my all-wheel drive vehicle!).

Here's what I learned. I could have felt overwhelmed, aggravated, or punished by this experience: First, because I had no choice but to walk several blocks up an ice-covered driveway in the darkness. Second, because I immediately followed that walk with another back down the driveway to retrieve two heavy bags of groceries.

Nevertheless, I made a conscious choice to luxuriate in my surroundings, the quiet peacefulness, the opportunity to spend time outdoors, and the sense of adventure that grew from this particular set of circumstances. Tell me: How many people do you know who have a driveway long enough and steep enough to prevent easy access to homeowners, friends, clients, and propane gas delivery drivers?

I'm unsure whether my "reframed" attitude arose from the two T'ai Chi Chih classes I taught tonight, the fact that we're studying Buddha's Brain in tomorrow's T'ai Chi Chih class, or even my slowly growing realization that the attitude I choose to adopt affects the experiences I have. I enjoyed my trek up and down and up the driveway tonight. That's what matters.

My two TCC classes and practices this evening were energizing and thoroughly enjoyable. Perhaps the two plus hours I spent in class made all the difference in how the rest of this evening played out....

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Evergreen said...

Lovely, keep up the good attitude.