Thursday, February 17, 2011

Open to Change

It's another warmer than normal day (40 degrees as I drove to Cornucopia this morning). I spied more critters moving through the rapidly shrinking snow than I've spotted for a long, long time. A deer next to the roadway refrained from dashing across the pavement in front of me. Another mile down the highway a herd of cows happily chomped on bales of hay.

Following today's T'ai Chi Chih class practice we launched into our new agenda: read and discuss Buddha's Brain: The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love & Wisdom. I think this will be a valuable experience for us all as we learn how to notice--and change!--the ways our minds and brains affect and interact with our physical and mental health. The timing of this undertaking seems 'just right' given current challenges in the economy, education, health care, and the overall operation of local, national, and foreign governments.

I've pushed myself hard this week and I'm more than ready to take the evening off and relax with a movie, book, or both. Though tired, I also feel good after my morning five-minute guided meditation and TCC practice followed by five minutes of "receiving" and a 10 minute breathing meditation.

The time has come in my life to set aside more daily time for rest and relaxation. There are certainly plenty of hours in the day that are overfull with schedules, demands, and information overload. I'm hopeful when I think that, with the help of this book and my TCC class members, I/we can dedicate ourselves to more quiet and relaxation in order to create a more balanced life for my/ourselves.

One hopeful/helpful tidbit from the forward to the book: A revolution in science has recently revealed that the adult brain remains open to change throughout the lifespan. (Daniel Siegel, p. v) Pausing, slowing, resting, relaxing, breathing, meditating, and simply being are all wonderful ways to rebuild, strengthen, and stimilate the brain to increase inner confidence and self worth while enriching our spiritual lives....

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