Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Bedtime Story

It's been a long day filled with constant projects, questions, and demands. I came home from the library exhausted and ready to crash but first I needed to feed animals and then myself.

After dinner I felt extremely tired. I made myself a cup of Stress Relief Yogi tea, flopped myself in a comfy chair, and opened a book. Some time later I felt capable of beginning a T'ai Chi Chih practice (seated, not standing).

Thankfully I'm committed to following through on a daily TCC practice and blog. Otherwise I know that I would have easily allowed Monkey Mind to convince me that I was too tired to practice. I did feel too tired to practice. And ... I did it anyway.

Soon enough I felt the energy (chi) flow and my muscles (physical and mental) released their tension. Now that I'm even more relaxed I'm ready for bed and ... there's no stopping me.

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