Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hardening Off

It's still a week away but I can say with authority: Fall has arrived! Temps this AM: 40. Tonight's forecast: 32. Brrr. It's brisk ... and wonderful!

During childhood I looked forward to the first frost. It meant that I had my life and health back. Hayfever season was over. Now that I live near Lake Superior I don't struggle with ragweed allergies.

Nevertheless, fall still inspires me to step into a new realm where the air feels and smells delightfully fresh. I also begin the process--just as I would with seedlings before setting them out into bright sunlight--of hardening myself off and getting my body used to the idea, and reality, of the cold months to come. (Hmmm. That's an interesting realization given that I'm scheduled to visit my cardiologist today for a one year followup about my heart condition ... hardening of the arteries.)

Don't get me wrong: I like fall and winter. There is an aura of freshness, purity, and beauty during those long winter months. But--I admit!--it takes time to transition my body and mind into the next few seasons.

My outdoor practice this morning was chilly. Foolishly I decided not to wear gloves and by practice end my fingers were frozen. But ... it was beautiful. Fabulous sunlight. Shades of yellow creeping through leaves in the forest. The cat vigorously hunting through the undergrowth. And one lone hummingbird who hasn't yet started her migration flitting around the garden.

Post-practice I'm now prepared to drive to Duluth for my cardiologist appointment. And, perhaps, I'll sneak in a short TCC practice while I'm waiting to see him....

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