Monday, September 12, 2011

Floating, Shifting, Drifting ...

It's another beautiful late summer morn.... Unlike the previous four days clouds clot the sky, then disappear.
The breeze, ah, the breeze. An entire chorus of Greek gods must be breathing together in unison because there is so much power and potency flowing through the sky.

Glimpses of fall creep through the woods. The ferns and occasional trees have begun the process of shifting their summer wardrobe into yellow, gold, and brown hues.

During my morning pre-work T'ai Chi Chih practice I imagined myself floating, shifting, and drifting like a leaf riding the rise and fall of the wind. I wished to lighten my movements and, perhaps, I accomplished that objective to some degree.

A visit with a friend yesterday afternoon inspired me. She recently spent six months in New Zealand and her travel stories revolved around the energy and electricity that underlies all life ... the oneness of us all. I wished to experience that oneness more deeply. I wanted to become the forest instead of simply remaining a disconnected, disenchanted human observer of my surroundings.

I'll keep working at it....

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