Saturday, September 24, 2011


Today's T'ai Chi Chih practice occurred in the midst of animal escapades: first came Lucy who followed me to the middle of the driveway and began to graze. Next came Rosie who hopped the low lying fence into the north ravine with Sandie following her lead. Then Chiripa switched into predator mode and tracked the scratching hens until she realized she was stalking her friends, the chickens.

Throughout this entire scenario I flowed through my practice as I enjoyed the yellow-tinted scenery and the animal antics. It was quite a show.

Later Frances, Namaste, and I walked at the beach as the sun broke through cloud-covered skies. It was a welcome surprise after a full week of clouds and rain. Back home, I continued my TCC practice in the basement. Again, I enjoyed a quarter hour of quiet relaxation.

Our peaceful evening was recently interrupted by Namaste's frantic barking. The reason? A visiting raccoon stuck its head into the goose pail and chomped on Lucy's lettuce. Our claps and hollers merely drove Mr. or Ms. Raccoon up a tree until we gave up and retired indoors. Soon Mr./Ms. Raccoon returned to earth to scarf up spilt cracked corn.

And now it's dark. Who knows what animals may be circulating and feeding right outside our door?

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