Thursday, September 15, 2011

Weathering the Weather

It seemed likely that because we covered our tomatoes and summer squash last night it didn't freeze. When I woke, though, I felt like I was freezing. The cooling trend brought our house temps down to 50 and it took me most of the day to warm up.

In late afternoon Frances and I took a walk. We had the good fortune to see two deer (twice!), one black bear, and a number of confused baby turkeys that attempted to cross the road (in both directions!). Halfway through our walk my internal thermostat finally registered "warm."

After we returned home I ventured outside for my T'ai Chi Chih practice. I placed myself within easy view of Sandie and Rosie who decided mid-practice to wander off to bed in the goose barn. Since that was where Chickie Woo was nabbed by the fisher(?), I broke from my TCC practice to lock them safely away.

Then I returned to my practice and turned my intention toward achieving even greater relaxation. I wore gloves during tonight's TCC practice which helped me stay warm and comfortable. Then I focused my eyes on bright splotches of yellow that continue to expand further and further into the forest. It does, indeed, feel like fall!

Tomorrow I expect a friend from junior college to arrive for a weekend visit. It will be wonderfully fun to reconnect after so many years spent pursuing our individual lives....

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