Friday, September 23, 2011

Yellow Fever

Our forest has yellow fever. And it's spreading quickly. Few leaves have fallen but the golden glow is here.

Yes, I'm back to my moving, talking, active self. It feels great! I did my T'ai Chi Chih practice outside on the deck this afternoon after temperatures rose to 50 degrees. It was so quiet, peaceful, calm.

The cat assumed a statuesque pose by one of the vegetable gardens. As I watched her closely I noted that she had a chipmunk in view (beneath one of the bean plants). Eventually she made a half-hearted effort to chase the chippie, then abandoned her post.

Meanwhile I easily moved through my T'ai Chi Chih practice as I enjoyed the beauty and quietude of my surroundings. I felt good enough to take a bike ride after my TCC practice.

Ah, good health feels so wonderful.... I'm intent on embracing the beauty of fall colors, smells, sights, and sounds for as long as they're here.

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