Sunday, September 25, 2011


Today was Social SunDay. What a lovely way to spend a beautiful fall afternoon....

Two out-of-town friends arrived with lunch and we filled several hours with food and conversation. After they left for the Twin Cities Frances and I attended a harvest party at a permaculture farm down the road. During a tour of the premises we explored gardens, greenhouses, ponds, and nurseries and accumulated a wealth of information. What a gift and inspiration to have such a diverse and life-sustaining enterprise right down the road from where were live!

It wasn't until late evening when I slowed down to practice T'ai Chi Chih. By then, of course, my energy was flagging. But, true to form, TCC practice renewed my energy and buoyed my spirit.

I feel incredibly lucky to have so many wonderful, caring, intelligent, and earth-loving people in my life (and neighborhood!). Truly, I'm blessed.

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