Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Happy Days

Today was grey, damp, and overcast after a night filled with rain. I knew instinctively that a pre-work T'ai Chi Chih practice would greatly benefit me this morning since it felt difficult to move my body (and mind!).

Sure enough ... I had a deeply quiet practice (neither Frances nor the animals made a peep while I glided through the motions). And, after a slow start to the day (and my half-hour practice time filled with quiet slowness), I went to work and moved quickly and efficiently through my day.

Nighttime has arrived and I'm eagerly anticipating tomorrow's arrival of one of my favorite people. She, too, is a T'ai Chi Chih teacher and Reiki practitioner which means that I'll look forward to sharing several practice sessions during her extended weekend visit. (Even if the sun doesn't shine while she's here I imagine that we'll still experience plenty of light with all that Chi flowing....)

It's that time again ... fall T'ai Chi Chih classes begin two weeks from tomorrow and Thursday. Duty calls and I need to answer that call with some basic prep and ordering of materials. Happy days are here again....

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