Monday, January 18, 2010

Blessing the Day....

-Quiet. Dark grey trees stand silently before a curtain of light grey sky. A slash of blue pierces the grey ... a tender opening into distant cotton-wool clouds.

I began practice spontaneously today. Dog and cat were fed and dog released outside. I intended to start TCC immediately upon Namaste's return but I knew that I'd wait for a few minutes, maybe more. Rather than wait, I stood in front of the kitchen window and Rocked while Namaste sniffed the perimeter of the driveway.

I remembered a TCC student who said that she practices while her coffee is brewing. She steals brief moments in her morning routine to flow into peacefulness. I also thought of Thich Nhat Hanh's book, Anger.
He writes:
Many people like to read books about different spiritual traditions or to perform rituals but don't want to practice their teachings very much. The teachings can transform us no matter what religion or spiritual tradition we belong to, if we are only willing to practice. We will transform from a sea of fire into a refreshing lake. Then, not only do we stop suffering, but we also become a source of joy and happiness for many people around us.
Dog back inside, I moved to the living room to practice. Time flowed by. My mind wandered, looking for reminders of the day's agenda. I calmly called it back to grey cloud-filled sky, moved softly, and blessed the day with peace.

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