Friday, January 1, 2010

No Words

My first TCC practice of the New Year is filled with woodland friends: huge grey squirrels, bluejays, woodpeckers, nuthatches. It's a breakfast free-for-all around the bird feeder as snow falls lightly and squirrels tumble, chase, burrow into snow, and rest--briefly--in nearby branches.

My sister said over the telephone last night that she thinks this daily TCC practice and blogging is good for me. She's right. I'm more energetic. Calmer. More relaxed. Peaceful. More tuned into the energy around me.

The fact is ... I can't fully express in words what it is that I gain from my practice. I simply know that something within me is changing. I feel different. Lighter.

Justin Stone encourages practitioners of t'ai chi chih moving meditation to practice daily because of the many benefits it offers. In our Western, science-based culture we typically need proof of those benefits. We want to make a list. Conduct a double-blind study. Submit a paper for peer review.

I'll tell you this: You can't receive any personal benefits from reading this blog about my t'ai chi chih moving meditation practice. You have to commit to a regular practice of your own. You need to slow down and move softly. You have to quiet your own mind. You must search for your own place of peace ... a place where no words are spoken. No words written. No words needed....

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vaith.anna said...

Dear Steph, you are inspiring me to practice TCC more regularly! Thank you so much!

I also had the idea yesterday, that it may be a good idea to write a short article about your blog for the Vital Force Journal. You could include the web site address & a sample blog to help more people have access to your wonderful insights and inspirations! The next Vital Force is expected to be sent out in Feb '10.