Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Shining My Light

Two bluejays ate snow off the deck railing this morning as I prepared for practice. I felt shaky and unsteady when I started to move.... My emotional self still felt sensitive and vulnerable in anticipation of tonight's town board meeting.

Slowly, steadily the chi worked its magic and by practice end I did feel better ... freer ... more focused on the Now.

As I moved I positioned myself directly in the path of the sun's light. It rose quickly from cloud-filled horizon to cloud-shrouded sky but for one brief gap in the clouds--20 minutes of clear, bare sky--I focused on the sun's bright light and drew it into me, basking myself in its generous glow. I doubted there would be more minutes of sunshine today so I soaked in each light-infused moment.

Part of my t'ai chi chih journey involves me learning how to extend these moments of stillness, peace, and generosity into my life. I feel centered and complete while I'm doing my practice. I want to shine that light into and over myself and others as I move through my day. This is my start. Can I keep my light shining?

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