Sunday, January 10, 2010

Grey Day Chi

Grey. Overcast. Quiet. It felt like a rainy afternoon but, when I looked out the window, snow fell in fits and starts. When I stepped into my practice, all I wanted to do was glide into a deeper place of peace.

Much of my day I've sat in front of the computer and worked on bills and paperwork. I seriously needed to move. I spontaneously started with Daughter on the Mountain Top. Now that I'm practicing regularly I feel no need to perform the movements in order though that's often what I do. More and more often I rely on my intuition to tell me where to begin and what movement to flow into next.

After I began shifting weight I realized that I wasn't wearing good practice shoes. Still, I didn't want to stop my practice to change shoes--when I'm in my t'ai chi chih space I want to stay in that space--so I continued on to movements that worked well with the soles I wore.

In Cosmic Consciousness Pose I rested in the quiet and breathed through my neck and shoulders. I focused on sending my breath down my spine, releasing any remaining tension into the earth. Sure enough, a cracking sound in my back ensured a deeper state of relaxation. And, yes ... now that I'm back to work I feel more energized.

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