Monday, January 4, 2010

It's Delightful, It's Delicious, It's De-Lovely* ...

My late morning practice was filled with warmth (10 degrees plus!) and occasional sunshine. Several times sun shone through the patio door and I felt it on my fingertips ... my arms and chest ... my face. Such a blessing to be gifted with warm glowing light!

Today I practiced the form from end to beginning. On a whim I started with Passing Clouds and continued my practice backward from there. It required a bit more attention, thought, and focus than usual to transition from one movement to the next. My comfortable, established t'ai chi chih routine starting with Rocking Motion was suddenly turned upside down and inside-out.

At one point I found my body segueing into Push-Pull when I'd planned to move into Around the Platter. When I realized I'd slid into a movement later in the form--a movement I'd already done--I simply and easily transitioned to Platter the next time my body moved forward.

Interestingly, I also moved more slowly today. Did my intentional slower practice yesterday morning inspire more slowness today as well? It felt good! I have to say it's nice to practice a bit later in the day. Now I sit at my computer and blog with blue skies above and around me. It's de-light-ful!

*Lyrics from the musical Anything Goes ("It's De-Lovely")

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