Saturday, January 16, 2010

Mid-Winter Refresher

An awesome mid-winter day with temps in the 30s, blue, sunny skies, and a reminder--however faint--that spring will return soon enough. I spent the morning cooking then snowshoeing through our woods with Frances. The birds chirped and flew happily from tree to tree as we tromped through snow. We paused to scan the sky and examine tracks in the snow.

My late afternoon TCC practice fit in right before the arrival of a dinner guest. It was perfect timing as I felt tired from the busyness of my day and needed a refresher before company arrived.

When I sunk into Resting prior to beginning Rocking Motion, I felt like a candle melting into a warm, heavy lump of wax. Whew. I needed a Chi break more than I realized.

Out my office window I saw sunshine gild Lake Superior with a silvery shine. I rocked and I glided forward and back and ... I breathed deeply. I floated. I softened the muscles in my back. I exhaled. I Carried the Ball to the Side, pulled Taffies, Passed Clouds, on and on, then slowed to a stop.... Ahhh ... deep breath.

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