Monday, January 11, 2010

My Snowflake, My Self

I often use my TCC practice as a tool to achieve greater emotional peace. Consequently, today's practice was helpful in calming the flames of my anger.

I'm currently waging an internal battle regarding an upcoming town board agenda item. My anger and distrust are, naturally, making me miserable.

Why do I allow myself to get drawn into the fray? Habit patterns play a large part in how I act and react to the words and behaviors of others. When I choose to step out of my mental/emotional anguish--even if just for a 30-minute t'ai chi chih practice--I feel lighter, calmer, and more compassionate toward myself and others.

During today's practice I imagined becoming one with the snowflakes falling softly to the earth in front of me. Snowflakes, I thought, have no agenda or expectation about where they must land or the manner in which they fall to the ground. They're free. Free to float. Free to blow with the wind. Free to flit and flutter anywhere. Free to disappear into nothingness ... or merge into everything.

Since I'm a human being I often get stuck in my feelings instead of simply letting them flow. This t'ai chi chih experience is a wonderful gift; a discipline and practice that can transform habit patterns, release thoughts and emotions, and lift spirits. Today's practice reminded me to be grateful ... for the space and time I take to engage in a t'ai chi chih practice, for the breath and movements that lead me into a deeper place of peace and, of course, for the beauty of nature that soothes, nurtures, and inspires me.

And ... I'll continue to read Thich Nhat Hanh's book Anger: Wisdom for Cooling the Flames because there's always more than can be done....

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