Friday, January 22, 2010

Fire in the Sky!

By the time I begin my practice the horizon's scarlet neon has faded to a pale, fleshy pink. I continue to watch the day brighten as I pass through my movements. My body feels good, my mind relaxed. Grayness surrounds me--the usual these days--but the fact that today began with this wild burst of brightness is uplifting and somehow, energizing.

Chiripa, intrigued by my moving arms, climbs to the back of a chair and swipes at my hands as they pass her face. She's quickly mesmerized by the Chi, though, and dips her head, turns her back, and is away ... racing across the room like a comet.

Today: the Lights. While performing this movement I often repeat the Buddhist Loving Kindness meditation. As my hands open above my head, wrists cocked back, I say to myself: May I be at peace. When hands open a second time: May my heart remain open. A third time: May I know the beauty of my own true nature. While I mix the energy above my head: May I be healed.

After I've sent Loving Kindness to myself during the first set of repetitions I expand my meditation to include others during the next three sets: my partner, our animals, the forest, the wild creatures, our beautiful lake, the Bayfield Pennisula, people with whom I'm angry, our country, the world, the Universe ... whatever or whomever comes to mind. Lately, given the anger and frustration I've felt toward our town board I've sent Loving Kindness to its members.

Yesterday afternoon as my partner and I picked up our mail, the town chairman saw us, stopped his truck, and mentioned the most recent town meeting. I could feel that my anger had dissipated and he chatted with us amiably. Certainly I had benefitted from the Loving Kindness. Could he have too?
I am the one source of all: the
evolution of all comes from me.
     I am beginningless, unborn,
the Lord of the worlds.
I am the soul which dwells in the
heart of all things.
     I am the beginning, the middle
and the end of all that lives.
I am the seed of all things that are:
     and no being that moves or
moves not can ever be without me.
               Krishna, Bhagavad Gita
               From: The Mystic Vision, January 22

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