Saturday, October 1, 2011

30 Days has September

Wednesday, September 28, 2011:

My day was filled with errands before our friend, Anna, arrived for her visit. Immediately after she pulled into the yard we headed for the beach at Little Sand Bay to take an early evening walk. Back home again we dived into dinner preparations and conversation to catch up with over a year's worth of news and views.

My T'ai Chi Chih practice was squeezed into a brief period right before I hit the bed. And, truth be told, my eyelids drooped and opened, drooped and partially opened, and drooped once more. I was pooped. After a quarter hour practice I gratefully slid between the sheets and dropped into a deep and restful sleep....

Thursday, September 29, 2011:

Whew! W-i-n-d-y. After lunch in Cornucopia Frances, Anna, and I stopped at the beach and watched a wind surfer battle the wind and white-capped waves for a few brief and ultra-exciting forays into the surf. Afterwards we chose a less windy, more protected spot to walk through the beautiful color drenched woods, exercise our muscles, and move our bodies.

Home once more Anna and I practiced T'ai Chi Chih side by side as we looked into the wind-lashed trees. What a gift to practice TCC with another teacher. Despite the wind rushing around us I felt quiet, calm, and peaceful. Anna did admit to me afterwards that her mind was moving a mile a minute. (Windy weather can do that to a person!)

Still, there is an energy that permeates a practice with other teachers that is unlike anything I've experienced with my students. It does make a difference to move with someone who practices TCC regularly and who devotes time and attention to refining and potentizing their practice. The level of energy speaks volumes....

Friday, September 30, 2011:

Anna and I did another late afternoon T'ai Chi Chih practice today after we took several walks and explored and shopped at one of the apple orchards. We took up residence right in the middle of the living room with a new music CD Anna gave us playing in the background (Transcendence by Rahbi). During this practice we chose to face each other rather than stand side-by-side.

Wooo! It was a powerful, power-filled practice. Anna has a wonderful smile that plays across her face right before she steps out of Resting Position and into the next movement. It was a delight to see her light up just as we transitioned into Push-Pull, Pulling in the Energy, etc.

Again, I felt incredibly grateful to share this practice with Anna. Could I be experiencing a tune-up for the start of my fall T'ai Chi Chih classes? I can't think of a more perfect way to begin my fall teaching schedule than through these nourishing, energy-boosting TCC practices shared with my dear friend and colleague. Thank you, Anna.

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