Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Circle of Friends

I'm tired. Today I had a bit of a relapse and, I have to say, I feel discouraged. But, hey, it's movie night at the Winter-Johnson residence and I look forward to welcoming into our home some neighbors and friends with happy, healthy energy.

Right now I'm squeezing my blog into the brief few minutes before our guests arrive. The pressure is on but I'm not really feeling it because I know that I can always come back to my blog to finish it up.

During my practice I was calm, slow, and relaxed. I practiced T'ai Chi Chih in the near-darkness of the upstairs bedroom and kindly--and compassionately--watched my reflection in the window. Occasionally I heard the pop-pop-pop of Frances in the kitchen making popcorn but even that activity disappeared into white noise in the background.

The house always feels better when it's clean and organized which it is (for tonight anyway). I've told myself that I can excuse myself from the gathering tonight if I feel too tired or sick. That helps. My intention is to enjoy myself, relax into the presence of this gathering circle, and be at peace.

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