Saturday, November 26, 2011

Let the Goodness Shine Out

Today I slowed down. Didn't have a choice ... I was tired. Rain fell heavily in the middle of the night and, once the day dawned, it was grey in and out and all about.

My biggest accomplishment of the day? I read a book. It's a new young adult novel we recently placed into our library collection called Shine. The book's plot contains plenty of darkness (meth and alcohol addiction, gay bashing, poverty, and domestic and sexual abuse) but the underlying theme is about living in the light.

Here's what one of the characters, Mama Sweetie tells our heroine, Cat, when she's 13 years old:
     She said God had blessed me with an abundance of spirit, and not to ever squash it down. She said there was goodness in everything and everyone, and that it was our job to let that goodness shine out.

     'A person does on occasion lose his way,' she warned Patrick and me. 'We all have our trials. But I'm gonna tell y'all something, something I want you to remember....'

     ... 'God loves you even on your blackest days.... All you have to do is look for the light of His love. As long as you remember that one thing, why, then you can cast off the darkness and shine again, can't you?' (pp. 95-96)
I could relate to these lines because I'm reminded of how I feel when I engage in my T'ai Chi Chih practice. Something about the energy?, the ability to align with a feeling of Oneness?, the opportunity to release myself (at least temporarily) from Ego?, allows me see and experience the "goodness in everything and everyone." When I am truly in the moment and fully engaged in my practice it is possible for me to see and experience a feeling of lightness, generosity, and loving kindness that is so much larger than me and, consequently, it allows me to let my own goodness shine out....

This evening's TCC practice felt en-light-ening. When I began, I was tired and lethargic and, by practice end, I felt lighter and more balanced. It's worth a half hour investment to experience this lovely feeling of release.

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