Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Heavy Duty Healthfulness

It was a wacky warm day-before-Thanksgiving with the drip-drip-drip of snow melting off the roof. Yep, deluxe sweatshirt weather (I discovered that when I went outside to help Frances schlep branches she trimmed off trees lining our driveway). Our efforts were in direct response to a letter from our town clerk asking us to remove low-lying branches in order to facilitate snowplowing up and down our driveway this winter.

I spent the day making wheat growers' buns (a recipe from Frances's mom) as well as editing. I put a lot of wheat flour into those buns in order to ensure their Healthfulness (with a capital 'H'). Consequently, they're Heavy duty (again, with a capital 'H'), and not quite as delicious as they are when they're made with all-white flour.

My evening T'ai Chi Chih practice was performed after dark (which comes earlier and earlier these days). I stared out the porch windows into the darkness until I spied a cute little white face--the cat--peeking under Lucy's plastic wading pool that's tipped upside down over the water pump. She was hunting (obviously) as she slid under and then reappeared next to the overturned plastic pool. It was fun to catch an occasional glimpse of one happy hunting cat.

My TCC practice was wonderfully relaxing; now, though, I can feel that my body is ready for bed. Tomorrow is all about cooking and eating. I'll be right there indulging with everyone else. I was informed, however, that the Green Bay Packers are playing the Detroit Tigers. The Packers are undefeated (10-0) so it's a big game day for those who are fans, a big hunting day for those who are hunters, and a big feasting day for the rest of us.

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