Monday, November 14, 2011

The Healing is Within Me Now

The last two days have felt like low points in my healing process. Last night at movie night it seemed that with each cough some of my vital force energy left my body.

This morning I wondered whether I truly had the strength and fortitude to go back to work. Then Frances offered to do some radionics treatments on me, which I gratefully accepted. During the first treatment I got up and started to move and by the end of the third treatment I was dressed and ready to head to work. What happened? It's a mystery. Something--what?--seemed to shift in my chest and the coughing stopped. Period.

As soon as I was up and running Frances encouraged me to do my T'ai Chi Chih practice to help build my energy. I had a wonderfully slow, relaxed, and vitalizing practice. Of course, at work I still ran into rough spots where my coughing began and would not stop and my nose ran like a faucet. But I hope (fingers crossed) that healing is continuing and I'm well on my way to health and well-being.....

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