Monday, November 7, 2011

Life, Death, and More Life

Sunday, November 6, 2011:

Well, I had the energy today to do my T'ai Chi Chih practice but I simply couldn't face sitting down to write a blog.

Practice was not easy. The wind howled and raged and, though I stayed inside for my practice, I felt as if I, too, was windblown merely from watching the waving, wind-whipped treetops and branches through my window. It was difficult to maintain my mental focus and balance since my mind felt unsettled by the rambunctious fits and starts of the tumultuous winds.

Monday, November 7, 2011:

Today the winds died down (thank God!) and I practiced TCC in late afternoon quiet. It felt good to move since I've predominantly slept and rested over the past few days. Just as I begin to feel better, though, Frances is next up on the sick list.

The last few days have been disconcerting; twice a fox stalked and tried to capture Lucy the goose in broad daylight. Yesterday Frances heard Lucy's frantic honks and arrived to see the fox's teeth on Lucy's neck. When Frances yelled and chased, the fox appeared to be unfazed. Even after I joined in the fray and Frances fired a few shots in the fox's direction it circled back several times.

Today the fox returned, again intent on grabbing Lucy. This time Frances wore a gun in a holster at her side. When the fox didn't respond to her yells and a warning shot, she ended up firing to kill. It's unusual to see a fox in the middle of the day and one this aggressive. It didn't exhibit signs that it had rabies but its behavior seemed highly unusual.

Meanwhile we've been contacted by a local vet who participates in animal rescues. Her office wondered whether we'd be interested in taking on another goose that has lived along a river several hours south of here. And so it goes ... life and death ... and more life.

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