Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Snowflake Drifting ...

Winter is upon us. Throughout the day a fine sprinkling of snow fell, gradually covering the earth, drive, front step, and pathways with several inches of accumulated snow. I shoveled a path for the dog to take a mini-walk and another path for the goose to follow to her barn.

But first, I cooked, edited, and practiced T'ai Chi Chih in the porch. I positioned myself at a window where I could watch Lucy and Lucy could watch me while I moved. She is so familiar with this practice that I assumed it might comfort her to know that I was nearby. Lucy sat snugly amid the piling snow and, when she stood, a bare piece of earth that resembled her underside still remained. Oh, the benefits of goose down.

It felt exciting, really, to witness the first resident snowfall of the season. It was a nice, calm, and quiet accompaniment to my slow, peaceful practice. Oh, if I could only be that snowflake drifting gracefully to earth....  After practice I walked down the driveway to pick up the mail and watched a white-tail deer run across the drive and leap gracefully into the protection of the forest.

The days are darkening ... the snow is fallng ... the temperatures are dropping ... and the season of hibernation will soon be here. Thankfully, I have many activities and intellectual pursuits to keep me occupied and warm.

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