Saturday, November 12, 2011

Filled with Ener-Chi

It's another beautiful, unseasonably warm fall day. Frances spent part of the afternoon staining the house (there is one wall left and she's determined to finish before snow settles permanently on the ground).

I did more cooking (surprise!), gradually worked through my huge pile of laundry, and spent an hour on the phone with a friend. And I'm back to editing (one good page of editing deserves another and I think I have about 250 pages left to go).

I practiced T'ai Chi Chih out in the porch after darkness fell and Frances retired for a nap. So ... it was gloriously quiet (except for the sound of the clothes dryer). Often these days during practice I don't know that I have calm, focused mind but I do know that I feel a huge amount of energy (Chi). It is a wonderful feeling and plays a significant role in returning me to my practice day after day.

It's interesting how easy it is to forget that wonderful feeling of energy from one day to the next but all I need do is launch into my next day's practice and I'm quickly--and joyfully--reminded.

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