Sunday, December 4, 2011

Ah, peace....

I woke this morning to a literal Winter wonderland (I use winter here with both its meanings in mind: my last name as well as the name of the season). A frosting of white snow lay over every horizontal surface as far as the eye could see. Here I am (lucky me!), living in the middle of a black and white Christmas card. The only color in this fresh white landscape was a distant smudge of dark blue where Lake Superior's as yet unfrozen waters met the horizon.

Yesterday was fabulous: it was a birthday filled with friends, hugs, phone calls, Facebook greetings, gifts, good food, pampering from Frances, and best of all, the presence of others. And, to wake this morning to a pure, fresh, winter-white day was the perfect start to my next year of life. I am grateful, I give thanks.

It was so beautiful this morning that I absolutely had to flow into my T'ai Chi Chih practice immediately before any plowing, drifting, shifting, shaking, blowing, or changing weather could alter the fantastic landscape before me. I chose a spot in the living room where I could look out east-facing windows to admire the snow-draped trees standing before that distant spot of blue sea and sky.

No sound. It was so incredibly quiet that I swear I could hear my bones creak in addition to the distant tick of a clock in the next room. My internal dialogue switched on and off throughout practice and finally quieted to a whisper when I sat down to meditate after practice. Ah, peace....

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