Saturday, December 3, 2011

Me and My Shadow Move with Grace and Flo

Today is my birthday, and even though I had big plans to celebrate--go downtown to the Christmas craft sale, read magazines at the library, and sit in the coffee shop--I was supremely satisfied to have several long phone conversations with my lovely sister and a good friend from out of state. Those were my true gifts!

Frances is cooking a meal for friends this evening and I can't imagine a better way to celebrate than to spend time (on the phone or in person) with those I love and care about. It's been a wonderful day!

This afternoon's T'ai Chi Chih practice was just what I needed to bump up my energy (I didn't get enough sleep last night and I'm dragging). I practiced with my shadow and occasionally looked over at her to see whether she was moving forward and back with smoothness and continuity because, in truth, I felt just a wee bit jerky. Was I pushing myself forward and back or was I gliding with Grace and Flo?

My shadow looked pretty relaxed and smooth. And, when I watched her, I could see the way in which I led with t'an tien (my center) and allowed my hands to follow the forward-back movement. Yes, I know that I preach this principle to students and I feel that I do as I tell others to do, but I seldom have the opportunity to actually see how my own body looks as it shifts and moves. It works!

And now ... and now it's time for my guests to arrive! "I am grateful. I give thanks."

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