Monday, December 5, 2011

Like a Snowflake Falling ...

The woods turns whiter and whiter as our layer of snow cover thickens. I practiced T'ai Chi Chih this morning during another light snowfall. As I watched the snow through a window I reminded myself to float lightly through my practice and settle softly into Resting Position. It was helpful to have a soft, unhurried, "light as air" inspiration directly in front of me.

I managed to make it through half a practice before I left for work (I scraped about 3 to 4 inches of snow off the car before I drove anywhere). Then I spent the afternoon at the library where work was mellow and traffic flow was light.

Back home again, I launched into the second half of my TCC practice. It was dark, of course. And I felt tired. But it also felt good to revisit TCC one more time today. The peace ... the quiet ... the relaxation ... the release ... the effortlessness.

I feel grateful. I give thanks....

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