Thursday, December 29, 2011

Monkey Mindlessness

Whew. What a day. I've been tired and grumpy and generally anti-social--obviously I'm in desperate need of a break from all manner of person and responsibility--all day.

So it was no surprise that Monkey Mind was at the top of her form when it came to talking me out of my daily T'ai Chi Chih practice. Still, I didn't allow her to succeed. Late in the afternoon I roused myself from my first day of Kindle-induced stupor and entered into practice.

Oh, it felt good to move slowly, intentionally, energetically. I didn't make it through an entire practice but spent about 20 minutes in slow motion. I do feel better. And I'm grateful that I have the time and opportunity to indulge myself in a full-day break from life. Tomorrow, I'm convinced, will be better. And, in the interim, I'm learning how to use a Kindle.

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