Sunday, December 11, 2011

Resting in the Softness of Chi

It was an absolutely lovely day: unrelently sunshine, warm temps (mid-40s), and melting snow. It was the kind of day I'd expect to find in mid-March rather than mid-December. And so, I took advantage of the unseasonable warmth and went outside to haul firewood.

I pulled on a sweatshirt and spent several hours stacking freshly-cut wood on a sled and pulling it out of the woods to the house. Oh, what fun to be outside in the wooded beauty as I exercised my body (and mind).

After darkness fell I practiced T'ai Chi Chih in front of the woodstove in the basement. Floating, flowing, pushing and pulling. It felt good to rest my body in the softness of Chi flowing after my mid-afternoon workout. And, now, after a busy hard-working day I'm settling into a relaxing, restful evening. It's time for my entire being to rest in quietude before the beginning of another fast-paced week.

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