Friday, December 16, 2011

Relaxed and Soothed ... Rejuvenated and Refreshed

Thursday, December 15, 2011:

Frances and I celebrated our anniversary today and, to make it extra special, we booked a room at Legendary Waters Hotel & Casino. It was fun! We ate dinner in the restaurant, lounged in the hot tub and swimming pool, and attended an evening comedy show.

Of course, we also drove home to feed and pill the dog (he's currently on antibiotics and pain meds to ensure that he heals fully after his teeth cleaning and the removal of seven teeth). We tried to watch a bit of TV too, but I guess that we're spoiled. After living here for nine years without a television, every channel we turned to had advertisements and programs that seemed inane and boring. It put us--literally--right to sleep.

I did my daily T'ai Chi Chih practice next to the swimming pool/hot tub while Frances swam and relaxed in the hot water. The room itself was extremely warm and I soaked in the delicious heat while I moved, soft and slow.  It felt wonderful to chase away the chill we experienced as we trudged through strong winds blowing off Lake Superior to reach the hotel's front door. Since no one else was in the room or swimming in the pool, I had a quiet and deeply relaxing practice. Afterwards I rewarded myself with a soak in the hot tub and a short dip in the pool.

Friday, December 16, 2011:

One night away from our routine wasn't a long enough escape; by late morning, though, we were back home and back to reality. It was clear that the animals had missed our presence so we threw a toy for the dog, fed the birds, and settled back into our routines.

This afternoon's T'ai Chi Chih practice stood in sharp contrast to my poolside practice last night. By early afternoon the sun reappeared. What a relief! For the past week we've lived without sunshine as clouds and fog hid her glowing face. So, too, yesterday's wind had blown itself out and the woods was deeply silent.

I started my TCC practice in the porch, noticed the goose sitting next to the front step, and spontaneously decided to join her. After I repositioned myself on the cement step I continued my practice from Around the Platter. The temp hovered around 20 degrees, a distinct difference from the 80 degree room I practiced in last night; but, the clear, fresh air and glorious sunshine lifted my spirits and refreshed my soul. And--believe it or not--it didn't feel cold!

Last night my TCC practice relaxed and soothed me; this afternoon, my TCC practice rejuvenated and refreshed me (not a bad result either way).

Now it's 4:54 p.m. and the sky outside is dark. In less than a week winter solstice arrives and soon, very soon, the light will return.

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