Sunday, December 25, 2011

We are All One

Frances and I will soon be off to a friend's house for breakfast. Our Christmas day skies are dull and grey. We lost the beautiful shining sun from yesterday and must depend today on the shining sun that's within ourselves.

I did my T'ai Chi Chih practice after laying a fire, feeding the dog, and getting myself ready for our 'social' morning. The dog watched me as I practiced and I felt wonderfully peaceful through each quiet repetition.

Today is like any other day and, yet, it's not. There's the energy of a birth, a person, a story, history, belief and, most of all, faith. Today we re-remember our love, acceptance, and compassion for all living creatures. We remind ourselves to treat everyone (ourselves and all others) with loving kindness. And we give thanks for a Holy One who modeled to us that--just like the Aspen trees--we are all One.

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