Saturday, December 24, 2011

May Our Hearts and Spirits be Filled with Peace

It's an odd Christmas Eve: sunny and mid-30s with a light covering of snow on the ground. Normally we're layering on clothes and shoveling out from beneath layers of snow by this time of the month. Not this year; today I ventured outside in a sweatshirt in order to carry firewood in from the woods.

It was incredibly beautiful and sunny outside; so much so, that I didn't want to come back inside the house. Needless to say, I overdid it, and spent over three hours hauling firewood. By the time the light was fading and I was ready to practice T'ai Chi Chih, I was tired (and lazy). All I really wanted to do was lie down on the couch and read.

I didn't let Monkey Mind talk me out of my practice, though. I compromised. First, I lay on the couch for about fifteen minutes and then I rallied myself--body, mind, and spirit--and headed out to the porch to practice as darkness fell. My muscles and body were sore, but I persevered and made it through the entire practice. Now, of course, after the fact, I'm grateful. I feel deeply relaxed and peace-filled.

Happy Holidays to all. Merry Christmas. Happy Hanukkah. Feliz Navidad. May your hearts and spirits be filled with peace....

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