Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Up and Moving

Our unseasonable weather continues ... t's still foggy, rainy, and warm (mid- to high-30s). I'll soon be off to a library Christmas party and think it likely that the drive home will be slick.

Frances and I travelled to Ashland twice today for appointments with the vet. Both the cat and dog were scheduled; Chiripa received updates on her shots and Namaste went under anesthesia to have his teeth cleaned. Unfortunately, seven of Namaste's teeth were pulled in the process. The poor guy. He's still recouperating from the procedure and we'll all discover in upcoming days what this means for his menu options.

I practiced T'ai Chi Chih this afternoon while Namaste rested on the bed beside me. As I moved I looked outside the window onto a world of retreating whiteness. Drops of water clung to tree branches where clumps of snow recently hung.

Like the dog and cat, I'm tired too. I had a flu shot yesterday and seem to be slowed down. The TCC practice was helpful: it got me up and moving. It also lightened the feel of this dull, drab day. And now ... I'll slip and slide my way into Bayfield for our library celebration.

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