Thursday, December 8, 2011

Refreshing? Rejuvenating? Grounding? Unifying? Downright Good?

Yes! Today we held another wonderful final T'ai Chi Chih class session in Cornucopia. The quiet slowness--as always--felt so refreshing? ... rejuvenating? ... grounding? ... unifying? ... downright good? ...

Following our group practice we finished our discussion of Ch. 11 in Buddha's Brain. And, because we discussed ways to quiet the mind and become aware of the body, I encouraged the group to really consider the ways in which our T'ai Chi Chih practice offers us opportunities to do both.

One of the reasons I've always felt a special draw to T'ai Chi Chih practice is because it so effectively gets me out of my head and into my body. And, the authors of Buddha's Brain write that "whole body awareness supports singleness of mind." (p. 187)

They continue their discussion by encouraging readers to "abide as awareness itself." As mindfulness stabilizes, they write, you will rest more and more as awareness itself. And that, my friends, is why TCC practice feels so good. When I am able to rest in awareness, I'm more detached from my ego and from my Monkey Mind thoughts; and, I'm more able to sink into the unity and Oneness of All That Is.

Well, now I'm back in the work-a-day-world of information, thoughts, and new learning. Tonight I'll attend a three-hour training on e-books in order to help library patrons use several new Kindles we recently purchased through our library. Thankfully, I have my daily TCC practice to calm my nerves, strengthen my ability to learn new things, and return me to my root. I am grateful.

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