Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Being in my Practice

It's another warmish day that's gradually cooling down. In one word, it's treacherous. I ventured to the clinic for a flu shot and wondered whether the car would stop or slide right down the driveway onto the highway at the bottom. My concern on the trip home: Would I be able to drive back up the driveway? (I made it.)

The last few days have been foggy and rainy (which explains today's iciness). When day after day is drab and overcast, I feel tired and lethargic. But, like most people, I motivate myself to keep moving.

My morning T'ai Chi Chih practice was relaxed, slow, and calming. I practiced mid-morning to avoid a last minute rush to work. And, though I had a list of to-dos, I allowed myself to let go of my burdens and simply be in my practice.

Meanwhile the phone rings and Frances becomes more and more involved in town business and politics. I know what I need to do: Keep myself centered in a place of quiet, peace, and simplicity. That place of serenity supports my health and well-being.

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