Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Quietly Wonderful

This evening's final T'ai Chi Chih class for 2011 (in Washburn) was quietly wonderful. While we moved through our practice I barely spoke except to offer occasional verbal reminders regarding some of the more challenging movements: Anchor Step Taffy, Perpetual Motion Taffy, and Passing Clouds.

 I had a long hard day of work and this evening's TCC class--while still my job--was the perfect reward for staying motivated and focused throughout the morning and afternoon. Class members also seemed to mesh into one relaxed unified whole as we ventured through the form.

At the moment my brain has slipped into relax mode (along with my body). It feels like it's time for me to rest before I rise early tomorrow morning and journey to my final T'ai Chi Chih morning class for 2011 (in Cornucopia).

Then for the next month I'll be on my own with my daily T'ai Chi Chih practices. I look forward to my temporary holiday break. By January, though, I'll be ready to begin again: a new year, a new practice, a new outlook on life.

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