Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Being Present ... in the Present

Our computer is sliding into funkiness so whether we get into our email or onto our preferred sites from one day to the next or, for that matter, from one moment to the next is questionable. It's time to consult a professional. In the meantime, we catch as catch can....

Tonight's TCC class was relaxing despite the fact that I spent the day hopping from one task to the next and driving from destination to destination. Perhaps it was more relaxing than usual because of my busyness prior to class.

I made sure to set up my classroom early enough to allow time for me to settle myself down and begin moving with the Chi prior to students appearing. That focus and centering benefitted me and, I hope, helped to create a warm, welcoming, peaceful atmosphere for my students.

I began session by reading from Sr. Antonia's May 2010 newsletter. Students, I hoped, could be inspired by her words and her encouragement:
Serenity helps us to be at peace in the present moment,
To be right where we are ... and nowhere else,
To not zone out,
To dwell in the present moment,
To be mindful of being present ... in the present....

When I think of Serenity, I also think of caring, loving, and nurturing. These and other qualities begin to deepen and grow within right along with our practice. 'We begin to change' as we care for ourselves, love and nurture ourselves, and be present to self. 'Our world' begins to change as well.
When we keep coming back to t'ai chi chih practice day after day after day, its regular softness and continuity contributes to our lives in a meaningful and significant way. After a rushing around day like today I need to remember to do as Sr. Antonia suggests: Allow yourself to be centered, peaceful, calm, tranquil -- to be serene and enjoy the serenity of the form.

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