Saturday, May 1, 2010

Neapolitan Delight

I practiced TCC on the deck this evening as the sky over Lake Superior stacked itself into a Neapolitan ice icream sandwich: a thick slice of blueberry on the bottom, a thin layer of strawberry in the middle, and a top layer of pure white vanilla. Silence surrounded me except for the sound of wind whispering through leaves.

What a delicious treat! As the sky melted into a deepening shade of blue my body melted too. I felt so soft, relaxed, and comfortable that I could have been just another one of the leaves that twirled and danced in the breeze except that I could feel my grounding, a taproot that anchored me deeply into the Earth as my upper body rode on the quiet whisk of breeze that swept through the trees.

I feel wonderful now, delighted by the beauty of spring unfolding..... Frances told me that I missed the sound of thunder echoing as I slept deeply last night. The result? Today is greener and more lush than yesterday. Also, I experienced my first bug bite of the year. It's still swollen and itchy and I know there'll be plenty more to come. Sure, ticks have been around since March but the flying, biting insects are just now congregating.

I'm not sure whether the Eastern phoebe nest above the patio door is going to pass the mama test. I opened the door after dark last night to let Chiripa inside and immediately afterward a phoebe flew into and banged repeatedly against the door. She moved to windows on the east side of the house, battering herself against the glass, then returned to the south side.

Frances speculated that perhaps she fell out of the nest when I opened the door for the cat and couldn't find her nest again (it's sturdy and well-designed now). We turned on the light above the door and she disappeared (back into the nest?). Today I saw no phoebes at all. Did they decide to rebuild their nest elsewhere? I can imagine the mama telling her mate: It's downright frustrating to deal with these humans who live in the middle of the woods with their cats. Why can't they use one door and leave us in peace?

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